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Hello,  I am Peggy Prosperie, and this is my husband of 40 years, Kenneth.  

My husband and I both grew up in Port Arthur, and we loved our City!  We had planned on raising our children there.  The crime got so bad that the Police started Neighborhood watch programs.  

We joined and tried to save our city.  It got too bad, so we had to move to a safer place for our children!!  

When we moved here to Bridge City 24 years ago, it was like living in another world!!  It is like living in Mayberry!!   Those of you who have been born and raised in Bridge City is more Blessed than you will ever know! 

 We have wonderful neighbors and help others when we can.   

All three of our children attended and graduated from Bridge City.  Our daughter got her teaching degree and did her student teaching hours at Hatton Elementary.   Our oldest son loved baseball and tried out for the high school team.  He made the team but decided not to play because he knew it was taking too much time away from his studies.  

He graduated Valedictorian:)  

Our youngest son played football.  Kenneth and I helped clean the stands after every game.  He also graduated with a CNA certification and went on to become a Registered Nurse. Back when he was in Hatton Elementary,  I volunteered to tutor students that needed extra help; was a homeroom Mom every chance I got and volunteered in the workroom often. 

 Bridge City has wonderful teachers and faculty!  

Kenneth and I have two grandchildren in Bridge City schools right now, and two more soon to be there.     

The Parents are the first and foremost teachers of the children. 

 The public school system was started to help teach the children to read, write, learn math, and ultimately be able to think for themselves.   I do believe that the majority of the School Board has been focusing on athletics before the School’s needs since 2014 or so.

In 2014, they decided to have a bond election to build an Arts Theater.  

Then in 2019, they chose to spend several million dollars on the baseball complex with turf, then wanted a bond for the Middle School.  

Now, the School Board chose to improve athletics again for $3.1 Million (building a turf football field, track, pole vault, tennis courts), instead of focusing on the Middle School.  The School Board may be full of sweet, good-intentioned members, but that is not the purpose of a School Board.  

I am running for School Board because I believe that the School Board should focus on the Schools first, then turf.  

I believe the School Board should be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars.  

We are still paying on the High School Bond.  I think that this is the wrong time to ask for a bond for the Middle School.  There are too many citizens who have flooded not only once recently, but twice.   

With Covid and the economy, it is a terrible time for this.   

There are too many hard-working citizens trying to make it these days!  

I toured the Middle School recently, and it is a very strong building that can and has withstood many storms and can withstand many more.  It is still very functional, and I know the wonderful staff can make it work, and the hard-working Maintenance team can help them. 

It is a working, repairable School.   

We should not pass bonds that will leave our community and children in tremendous debt for 30 more years.  If both bonds pass, it will raise our School debt by almost $121 million (bonds and interest total).           

Several people are saying that my husband and I are always negative.  We see problems that need to be repaired and believe that you, the citizens, need to know these things also.  We speak up about dirty water because every citizen deserves clean water coming out of their tap. 

We fight against zone changes in the City that would impede into our neighborhoods!   

My husband saw all the sandbags that TxDOT left by Hwy 1442 drains during Hurricane Season that would slow the water drainage, and got them removed.  He also investigated why Hwy 1442 at Texas Avenue would flood during regular rains, and got it all cleaned out by TxDOT. 

He found sewage running out of the actual street, not the sewer lid, but the actual street, he got with the City to address this, and the City is in the process of repairing it!  I could go on and on!  

We find problems that need fixing, and do our best to fix them, because we love this city and its citizens, our neighbors!!    No matter how this Bond goes, the children’s safety while in school and family’s safety throughout Bridge City is the most important thing!

Michael Cole
Author: Michael Cole