What if they were wrong?

Matthew’s eyes fluttered open.  He was disoriented for a minute or two, trying to remember why he was in the hospital and why he could not move.  Slowly words like stun darts, EMTs and the charge of sedition came flooding back causing Matthew’s mind to race. Sedition, he asked himself?  What did he do to warrant that charge? He seemed to be able to uncover more questions than answers. Hopefully soon, he thought, the JP would be there and he’d have some answers.

Matthew looked back up at the ceiling and waited.

Two hours later he heard a knock on his door followed by the sound of it opening.  Before he even got a look at the visitor, he could smell the sweet fragrance of the perfume.  He turned his head to see a tall blonde woman in a light blue blouse and black pants walk in. She wore glasses and had a tag hanging around her neck with a badge on it. She held a black leather attaché case in her left hand.  Using her free hand she pulled a leather-bound laptop from it.

She stopped at his bed and smiled.  She looked at her laptop and then at him.  “Matthew Andrews,” she said in a soft voice with just a hint of a Texas drawl, “I am Madison Lefleur, Harris County Justice of the Peace, place five.”

She sat her attaché case on the ground 

She continued to read from her laptop.  “I see you are being charged with sedition against the state.”

She shook her head at the severity of the crime.  She looked up, “Before we decide on a treatment, let’s get some background information.”  She tapped his head lightly and added, “And see what’s going on up there.”

Madison quickly turned, saw a chair in the corner, grabbed it and drug it back to his bedside.  Sitting down she adjusted her glasses and started writing. Looking up she asked, “Full name?”

Matthew just looked up at the ceiling. “Matthew Sean Andrews.”

Scribbling, she added, “Date of Birth?”

A sigh from Matthew, “February Ninth, 1998.”

Madison looked up, “You’re thirty-six.”


Madison looked over her notes, “Married for ten years, two children, one four, one two.”

Matthew sighed again.  His thoughts ran to his wife and children.  He hoped they were okay. He wondered if they knew where he was.  For that matter, did any of his family know he was here? He simply nodded his head.

Madison added notes to her pad, “And for the record, you work at Houston Community College as an adjunct professor of Philosophy and History.”

Matthew just nodded.

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