Learn to Fly

Maitland and Henderson started collecting the evidence.

Maitland looked down and picked up the shell casing. He nodded to Henderson who began writing as Maitland spoke, “Evidence bag one. A 45 caliber shell casing hull located at the back of the couch.”

Maitland picked up the gun that had been lying on the floor. He removed the magazine from the gun, and placed it in an evidence bag. “In evidence bag three, I have placed a magazine with five live rounds in the magazine.”

He checked the gun, “And one round in the gun chamber for a total of six live rounds.”

“Bersa stainless steel Thunder 45 Model .45 caliber handgun. Lying approximately Five to Six feet away from the body. To the left and in front of the chair. Note that the hammer is on the cocked with a round in the chamber.” Maitland stated as Henderson wrote it down.

Henderson placed the description into the evidence bag and Maitland dropped the gun into it. Maitland added as he sealed it, “Marking this as evidence bag two.”

Henderson nodded as Maitland handed the bag to him. Henderson set it on his cart while Maitland went to pick up the next piece of evidence.

That was interrupted as Sheriff Gideon came back into the room.

“Hutchins,” he called.

She snapped to attention and looked at him apprehensively, “Sir?”

“The Bauer’s have a relative in Madisonfield. Name of Jim Ludvik. I want you to drive out there and inform him of his cousin’s passing. See if there is any kin we can call.”

Hutchins put her camera back into its case. “Yes sir.”

Maitland looked over at Hutchins, “Can you send me the pics you took”

She nodded, “I will burn them to a disc the second I have a chance.”

The was met with a slight smile, “How many?”

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