Learn to Fly

Maitland nodded, “Go take those out to Judge Perkins for his inquest notes, then bring them back.”

She nodded as she left.

Deputy Chief Eric Henderson pulled down the driveway with the crime scene trailer. He really hated driving his truck and that trailer down gravel paths, the trailer had a tendency to slide some as it went around curves.

Unfortunately, most of the back roads and driveways in Madison County were gravel or dirt roads so it was never a fun excursion to pull the trailer.

He was going a little faster than he would have liked, but he wanted to get to the scene before anything had contaminated the scene.

Ahead he could see a number of cars in front of the house. 

Great, he thought, parking will be fun. 

Gideon was no big fan of the new emergency lights of ambulances.

In his mind, it looked like the kind of strobe lights you would see in a strip joint, not on an ambulance.

Oh well, he shrugged. Not much that he could do about changing that.

He opened the side door of the ambulance and there sat Gunter in the gurney. A blanket was draped over his shoulders. Gunter was just looking forward, no expression on his face at all.

Gideon shrugged when he looked into Bauer’s eyes. It reminded him of some of his buddies in the jungles of Vietnam. The eyes of a person that has seen something, lived something, that they would rather forget.

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