Learn to Fly

Another senseless tragedy in this cruel world he mused.

“The deceased…” Maitland started.

‘Karen.” Gideon interrupted.


“Her name is, or was, Karen Bauer,” Gideon said sternly. “Remember this in your cases for the future. The deceased is not it, the deceased was someone’s mother, sister, daughter. When you investigate a case, you are dealing with a human being that God put on this Earth.”

Maitland looked at him contemplatively then nodded. He continued, “Karen Bauer, died of a single gunshot to the neck.”

He motioned to the gun about five feet away, “The 45 caliber handgun fired it looks like one shot.”

He motioned to the shell casing next to the recliner.

Maitland finished, “I am waiting on Chief Deputy Henderson and the Crime Scene Unit to go over the scene.”

Gideon nodded, impressed. “I know Karen Bauer and her husband.”

Maitland looked over at the body then over at Gideon. “Maybe you can talk to Mr. Bauer. He seems to be in shock. Perhaps he will be more at ease with someone he knows.”

Gideon nodded again. 

“Will do.”

Hutchins saw the purse while they were talking and picked it up. “Deputy Maitland?”

He looked over at her and the purse. “Identification?”

She opened the purse, “I see a Driver’s License and Social Security Card.”

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