You got this.

She got out and walked over to Gideon.

“Deputy Hutchins,” Gideon bellowed out as she approached.

“Deputy, this is Judge Perkins.”  he stated motioning to the other gentleman.

Oh, she thought. She smiled, “Hello you honor.”

Perkins grinned at her and then looked at Gideon, “I see you are now hiring attractive young women. It almost makes staring at your ugly mug bearable.”

Gideon laughed, “Hear now, or I will tell your wife.”

Gideon looked at Hutchins.”Deputy Maitland is lead Deputy on this. He is inside with the deceased. See what he needs. I will be in presently.”

With that, he turned back and started talking to Perkins again.

The Deputy turned to the house and made her way to the front door.

Standing at the door, she banged on it three times and slowly entered.

“Deputy Maitland?” she called out as she stepped in.

“In the living room.” a voice called back.

She stepped into the room seeing Maitland looking over the scene, There she saw an older woman, her hands in her lap, head tilted over to the side. Her pink shirt was covered with blood that was slowly still dripping from a gunshot hole on her neck.

The woman had her feet up in the blue recliner, covered by a brightly colored afghan. 

Just like my mom has, she noted. 

“What do you need me to do?” she asked.

Maitland motioned to the camera around her neck.

“As many pictures of the scene as you can get.” 

“Once the crime scene trailer gets here, we can start marking things.”

Hutchins took the lens cap off of her camera and said, “Sheriff Gideon said he would be inside once he finished talking to Judge Perkins.”

Maitland nodded and went back to taking notes.

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