Perkins nodded as he shook his hand. “Maitland? You Dorothy and Jack Maitland’s boy?”

“Yes sir,” Maitland replied, “Their youngest.”

“How are they gettin’ on?”

Ben shuffled uncomfortably for a second. He didn’t want to get too talkative with the Judge, especially at a potential crime scene, but still, he felt that he should at least be friendly.

“Fine sir,” he answered. “They are ready for their latest grandkid.”

Perkins nodded with a smile. Then motioned toward the house.


Maitland looked in the direction of the house. He gave a scowl. 

“Well, it’s too early to say.” He answered, “Just now started looking over the place. Did call for the crime scene unit from the county though.”

Perkins nodded. I had looked around a bit. I spoke to Bauer a bit. It had been a while since I had visited with them.”

Maitland looked surprised. Perkins was an old school politician. He doubted that there was a baby he hadn’t kissed or hand he had not shaken in his Precinct.

The Judge went on, “They had been sorta staying to themselves lately. I take that back, I can’t say I have seen them in months.”

Maitland thought that was interesting. He sighed. “I think I will need an autopsy.”

Perkins nodded in agreement. “I will order it.”

Judge Perkins looked up at the house one last time and then at Maitland. He offered his hand, “well, I will give my regards to Gunter and then wait for the funeral home to collect

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