How did the Justice of the Peace get here so fast? Maitland wondered. The Bauer Farm was a good twenty minutes from town. He could understand the ambulance, their rounds were a lot like his, so they were close.

But the Judge?

He figured that he would figure it out eventually.

Maitland walked up the steps to the front door. The door was wide open so he walked inside.

To his left he noticed an older man standing in the kitchen with a tall man with dark hair and a slightly unkempt beard wearing an EMT uniform. The older man looked to be in a state of shock. He was just looking straight ahead, but his eyes were not focussed on any one thing.

Maitland had seen that look many times before during his time in Iraq. A man that had seen too many things, or something so horrific that he just has to shut down to stay sane.

He walked up to the EMT extending his hand. He started, “Deputy Maitland, Madison County Sheriff’s Department.”

The EMT took his hand, giving a firm handshake, “Greg Allen, SETEX Medical.”

He motioned to the older gentlemen, “This is the deceased’s husband, Günter Bauer.”

Maitland looked closely at Bauer. He noticed that he hardly acknowledged his presence. He shared a glance with Allen and suggested, “Maybe you could take him to your ambulance and let him sit there till I have a chance to talk to him.”

Allen nodded and gently grabbed Bauer by the hand. He soothingly said, “Come with me, Mr. Bauer so we can check you out.”

The two left the house. Maitland turned to head into the living room, 

One is never ready for seeing a corpse, he thought.

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