The static was deafening for a few seconds before he heard a terse reply.


Maitland sighed, “Roger that, Unit 3-9 en route. Over.”

He started up his cruiser and looked at his cell phone.

“I will call you later baby,” he said to the phone.

With that, he put his cruiser in gear and sped off to the Lynne Farm.

Definitely can’t wait for my shift to end.

9 December 2010
1504 Local Time

Madison, Texas
Bauer Farm
Madison County Sheriff’s Department Unit 39

Maitland’s cruiser pulled into the driveway. It snaked around about a hundred yards before the house came into view.

For an older wood-frame house, he could see that it was pretty well kept. 

He noticed the ambulance parked in front of the house, its lights flashing. He didn’t relish these calls for the simple fact that unresponsive usually always meant deceased. 

And just like that, a family will have their holidays ruined, he thought.

The mix of the flashing lights of the ambulance and Maitland’s cruiser cast a surreal light show on the home. The gray overcast sky just made it all the more surreal.

Maitland noticed that there was a truck there, he thought he recognized it, but couldn’t quite place it. Then he noticed a blue-gray Ford Crown Victoria parked next to it. He knew immediately who that was.

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