The Multiverse

The darkness enveloped Miles.

It had been a while, he thought.

He shrugged and looked out at the darkness. He felt suddenly older, tired well beyond his years.

It was time

Time for the story to end. Time for his journey to be over.

But he felt one thing to the core of his being.

Desperately he wanted to live it all again before the night enveloped him for the last time.

He looked up and suddenly saw the moon come into focus. 


He closed his eyes and remembered…

About this site


This site is not like your regular story website. Its goal is to connect as many genres as possible and tell a deep and intriguing story, the likes of which, have never been told in quite this way before.

It is ambitious. And thank you for being a part of it.

This website will attempt to tell a story from the dawn of mankind to the mid-2500s. Expect the unexpected.

You will see characters jump from one story to another. After all, in life, we play many parts, wear many costumes and are lead characters and bit characters in many stories.

Why shouldn’t story characters be the same way?

Only the first book is up in its entirety. Unlike other sites, expect the other books to upload new chapters as they are written.

So sit back, strap in, and prepare for the story of a thousand years.



Miles Kohl

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