Jake just took the changes in Matthew.  What was a few months ago a desperate man in search of a reason to live was now a determined man on a mission.  He just hoped that the all-consuming fire that burned in Matthew’s eyes did not burn him along with it.

“Be careful Matthew…”

“Vanatorul.” Matthew finished, “Matthew Vanatorul.”

Nick looked at him and smiled, “Nice name.”

“It is Romanian for the hunter.”

He opened up the car door and got in.  Slipping the key in the ignition, the Pontiac roared to life.  Matthew smiled at the sound. “Later gentlemen. I am off to hunt the hunters.”

Matthew backed up and quickly made its way out of the parking garage.

Nick looked over at Jake.  “Think we will see him again?”

“Who knows.  Tomorrow never knows.”





I am Vanatorul.  I hunt those that do not exist.  I slay those that hide under the beds, in the closets.  The specter that you do not see, but will kill you. I hunt the evil that would steal our souls.

May the gods have mercy on them. For the Vanatorul does not.

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