Gods and Writers

Nikolai Stewart looked thoughtful for a moment, “You see, you were supposed to die six months ago.”

“Excuse me?”

He continued, “you were supposed to die in a home invasion six months ago.”

Matthew just stared at him, not saying anything. Matthew could not decide if he was shocked at what Nick was saying or worried that he was even bothering to listen to him.

“And? Why am I still here?  Was this some sort of attempt by my wife?”  Matthew thought back to how distant and uncaring she had been.  She had barely said a word to him and went out and acted as if he were not even there at times.

“No, your wife had nothing to do with it.” Nick took a deep breath, “You see, the afterlife has undergone some reorganization lately and it has just been a huge mess.

Well, to make a long story short.  Several small things added up and your soul was never collected.”

Matthew just sat there are let that all sink in. “How?”

“Well, to begin with, there was a bit of a snafu with who controls the lightning.  Thor and Associates were supposed to cede the South East United States to Zeus and Sons.  Well, there was a turf war and Thor sent an unscheduled lightning bolt that knocked out a transformer. As a result, those would-be burglars were late and never made it to your house on time.”

Matthew shrugged his shoulders, “And?”

“On top of that, Death Inc. had not finished reassigning all the territories for the Spiritual Collection Specialists and unfortunately there was not a field agent assigned to the territory that covers your home. “

“Spiritual Collection Specialists?”

“That is the name that Reapers are now known as,” Nick said with a slight tinge of bitterness. “Death decided to try and update its image.  The Kinder Gentler Afterlife…”

“I do still not understand how this affects me.”

“ Well, usually if something like the territory spat interferes with the timely collection of a spirit, the Reaper,  well now Collections Specialist, takes steps to ensure that the soul is collected and helped onto the afterlife.”


Nick stopped and looked at Matthew, “Why what?”

“Why bother?” Matthew answered, “If the person didn’t die like they were supposed to then why take away their lives? After all, it isn’t the person’s fault.”

Nick nodded in a sort of agreement. “That does sound like the way we should do it.”

Matthew’s eyes narrowed, “I sense a ‘but’ coming on.”

Nick smiled, “BUT…”

“I told you.”

“Despite what mortals might think, there is very little in your lives that are left up to chance. I mean the little things, like what shirt you are going to wear today, what color car you are going to buy.  Those little choices are up to you. And those choices can change short term directions.

But, the long term directions, when you will die, who you will marry, how many kids you are going to have been decided by Fate.”

“I remember my Greek mythology, don’t you mean the Fates?”

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