Count Matthew

“See the waitress?” Matthew looked over and nodded. “I will concentrate on her. Watch.”

Matthew watched as the waitress suddenly seemed to be overcome with a wave of lust.  She was looking over at Jake smiling. She began to smooth over her hair, trying to make herself more presentable.  Matthew could hear her heart rhythm quicken and sweat begin to form on her forehead as she began to breathe more quickly and heavily.

Jake blinked and the waitress looked confused for a moment as her heart rate returned to normal and her breathing slowed.  She shook her head quickly looked over, she looked self-conscious at the three staring at her and retreated to the kitchen, embarrassed. 

Jake smiled.  “That is how we capture our prey. Make them euphoric.  Their defenses are down, and if our hormone levels are not too low, we can take just enough as to not kill them.”

Matthew just sat there taking in what he had just seen.  Jake pulled him out of his thoughts, “Now you try.”

Matthew ran his hand over his face and squared his shoulders.  “Remember,” Jake coached, “concentrate your vision on her and reach out with your mind.” 

Huffing, Matthew replied, “Sure thing Obi-Wan,”  He noticed that the waitress had come out of the kitchen and was making herself busy with prep work at the counter, apparently trying to get past the feelings that had overcome her earlier.  

“Just call me Count Matthew.”

Matthew exhaled, closed his eyes, then opened them.

He noticed no real reaction from the waitress at first.  Then he noticed that she was starting to react. But not the way that she had before.  She was looking in concern at a bald-headed man that was sitting at the counter. 

Matthew noticed the man out of his peripheral vision.  He seemed to be larger in size, almost 280 pounds at least.  Muscle bound in a biker garb, the lights of the room dancing odd his shiny bald head.  He sat up straight and looked over his shoulder, staring directly at Matthew and the group at the table.  He winked at Matthew and blew him a kiss.

Matthew hurriedly tried blinking to break the connection of the glamor as the man got up and started to walk toward them.  As quickly as he got up the man blinked in confusion and looked around the room. He thought for a second and then sat back down.   Matthew let out a sigh of relief. He turned expecting stern glances from Jake and Nick.

They looked to be trying desperately to hold back a fit of laughter.

Nicked blurted out, “I bet Count Chocula is closer to the truth.”

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