Count Matthew

Matthew looked over gagging and tried to nod.  Finally pushing out the overwhelming smells. He was breathing heavy, looked over at the other two that merely sat there watching.  Nick with a concerned look; Jake looking as if he were reliving a part of his past with Matthew.

Matthew was about to say something when the room exploded in light.  He covered his eyes to block out the lights, his head spinning.  

“Sensitivity to light.” Jake said, “that is a bitch.  Some vampires adjust. Others…” Jake reached into his jacket and pulled out a pair of sunglasses.

“Use these.”


Matthew reached out blindly feeling for what Jake had reached out.  He grabbed it and fumbled to put them on. He blinked a couple of times, the world coming back into focus slowly.

Matthew started to slowly recover from the assault on his senses from the transformation.  He looked pale, with a few beads of sweat covering his forehead. The waitress walked up to the table at that point.

“Everything okay?”

Matthew could immediately hear the rustling of her clothes as she moved.  He could head the blood pumping right under her skin, he looked over and could see the minute hairs that were on her body.  He could almost swear that he could see the veins and arteries that carried the life-giving essence.

He felt his incisors becoming fangs.  His hands flew to his mouth to cover it.  She looked at him concerned.

“Are you okay?

Matthew merely nodded, trying desperately to not let anyone see the fangs in his mouth.  Jake answered for him, “he’s fine. The coffee was just a little strong for him.”

She looked unconvinced at first, then nodded. “So can I get you anything?”

Nick gave a glance at the table next to him and saw a slice of cheesecake. “What kind of cheesecake is that?”

“Key Lime.”

Nick smiled broadly, “I want a slice of that,” Nick looked over at Jake who just rolled his eyes.  

The waitress just nodded and looked over at Jake.  Jake looked thoughtful for a second, “A salad would be nice.  Oil and Vinegar.”

The waitress looked over at Matthew that was still covering his mouth and looked even paler.  He nodded his head no, and she walked off.

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