A Simple Collection

Reggie thought for a minute of two, “Have you thought about your job?”

Nick looked at him, “I don’t think I will lose my job over this.”

“No, no.” Reggie cut in, “I mean have you thought about him being a Reaper.  I mean a ‘spiritual collector.’”

The three exchanged glances.  Nick looked thoughtful while Matthew and Jake exchanged glances.  Finally, Nick answered for the three of them.

“Why not.”

The mood of the group lightened a bit.  Reggie looked happy that the three were starting to come out of their stupor.  “I love it when people are in a good mood. Let’s celebrate. What can I get for you? Just name it! I am here to please.”

“Key Lime Pie,”  Nick said.

“I am not in that good of a mood to please,” Reggie said.

Nick grimaced at that and Jake merely laughed.  Matthew looked at the others and gave a sigh of relief.  The thought of being made into nothing by some avenging god was really starting to weigh on him.

“You’re joking?” Nick said in a huff. “You want to make him a Reaper?”

“Tsk, Tsk,” Jake said with a hint of humor, “Spiritual Collection  Agent. Reaper is not a conducive name for the new business model. Remember?”

Nick shot him a sideways glance, “Dude, screw you.”

“Is that any way to talk to the man that provides the excellent box seats at the Texans games?” Jake said mockingly, “I’m hurt.”

Nick just continued to mumble something under his breath.  

Jake laughed, “I don’t think that I could possibly do that with the box seats.  And I know you are angry at me, but why say such mean things about the horse I rode in on?”

Matthew just shook his head and looked at Reggie.  “Are they always like this?”

Reggie shrugged, “They don’t get together that often. But when they do, this is the norm.  An old married couple.”

Matthew looked over at Jake and Nick, “How long have you known each other.”

Nick thought about it for an instance, “A while.  I think we met during the Civil War.”

Matthew’s eyes grew big, “you have been friends for over 150 years?”

Reggie laughed, “No a lot longer. He is talking about the English Civil War. In the mid-1600s, you are looking at a couple of the original Cavaliers.”

Matthew just looked at the two and then grinned, “Reggie, do you honor their AARP cards?”

Reggie busted out laughing at the looks on Jake and Nick’s faces.  “I really should.”

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