Matthew pulled himself up and was immediately assaulted by the dark streaks.  The streaks screaming and moaning as they flew around the room. Matthew struggled to make his way across the room to where the other two tried desperately to stay standing under the onslaught.

Matthew looked at the open closet and saw more streaks flying out and attacking them.  The room getting colder and louder with each passing moment.

Jake looked over at the others and screamed so they could hear, “What are these things!?”

Nick looked around for a moment and answered, “I think these are the Shadow People!  If you look dead ahead of you only see a streak, but out of the corner of your eye you can see that they have a human-like shape!”

“How do we stop them?!” Matthew screamed out.

 “My first bet would be to close the door!” Nick called out.

 Jake nodded, “It can’t hurt!”

Matthew started to make his way to the door each step becoming harder and harder as he was struck multiple times. Just a couple steps away from the door he was hit by a large blur. He screamed in agony and fell to the floor.

Moments later Jake and Nick also were hit hard and knocked to the ground.


He slammed his fists in desperation on the keyboard.  

 He found himself standing in the room, with everything frozen in place.  He could clearly see the Shadow People, or at least their outlines. He noticed that they actually looked like shadows of individuals.  

 He saw that Jake had one above him, it looked as if the two were locked in a dangerous embrace.  Nick looked to be frozen in place trying to reach down for his ring, but a Shadow Person holding him down making it difficult.

 Then he saw Matthew.  Matthew was on the ground his arms held down by one Shadow Person while another stood over him.  Miles took a step closer and noticed that his right foot had been ripped off and there was a pool of blood.

Miles looked at the open closet door and then looked up in anger. “THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO WRITE!”


Miles spun around to see Hades standing there.

He gave a half smile, “It is time we talked.”

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