I, Frances Droddy-Lopez, have been a homeowner in West Orange for over 40 years.   I earned a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern Louisiana State University, a master’s degree from Lamar University, and a doctorate degree from Texas Woman’s University.  After teaching and directing the Early Childhood Development Center at Lamar University I retired and began to focus on civic and church activities.

Previously, the citizens gave me an opportunity to serve on West Orange City Council for 15 years.  During that time I learned a great deal about the operation of the city including what the city council can and cannot do. Many issues that appear simple are frequently made difficult and sometimes impossible because of existing laws.

I left the position on city council to care for my husband, who has since passed away.  Once again I am ready to serve the citizens as a representative on the city council.


The only promise I will make the citizens is that I will have ample time to work with city officials, community leaders, and citizens to improve the City of West Orange.