Willows, Phobos, and Hexes, Oh My...

How could he forget?  My best friend growing up and a roommate in college.  The man that introduced me to Tracy. My……he stopped mid-thought.  No, he thought in horror, not him.

“We’ve gone out a few times.” She seemed to answer my thoughts, “He makes me laugh.”

“For a little while, when I’m with him, I feel somewhat whole again.”

She started fidgeting with her rings, “I need to move on.  I need to feel whole again.”

She removed her rings and held them in the palm of her hand.  She tightened her fist around them.

“Kasey needs a father.”

Matthew felt everything start to get a little darker, his world began to crumble.  She held the rings to her lips and kissed them.

“Goodbye Matthew.”

She gently placed the rings on the tombstone.  She held her hand over it, traced the name engraved.  “I’ll never forget you,” Tracy whispered then stood up and walked away. 

Matthew watched, unable to do anything.  His world was silent.  

Except for the rustling of the willows in the distance.

Matthew tried to hold back the tears as he found himself back in his car.  He looked at Nick with anger and frustration, “That is not what I fucking meant!”

Nick looked more confused than ever.  “I can’t explain this. I haven’t much experience in this; but still, I have no idea why this is happening.”

Matthew just huffed angrily.

Nick continued, “Maybe we should try a reality that is not as exotic, not as demanding.”

Matthew nodded slowly, “I guess living a quiet life as a worker can be happy in the right circumstances.”

Nick nodded in agreement.

Matthew sighed as everything once again went dark.

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