What if they were wrong?

“Really?” Matthew remarked coming out of his trance. 

“That must be the most disjointed piece of crap that I have had the privilege of living through!”

“I don’t follow..”

“I mean really, a political big brother life?  Who thought up that crap?

Miles Kohl looked at the keyboard.  He thought that the scenario was pretty good. How dare his character second guess his writing.  He suddenly stopped. He was the writer, wasn’t he?

Then where did that come from?  He didn’t write it.

Strange he thought, and then went back to typing.

Matthew shook his head violently, “Not doing that timeline. “

Nick sighed reluctantly, ‘Okay, how about a vacation in Galveston? Maybe it will clear your head.?

“At this point, I am willing to try anything…”

“Well, go for it and have fun.”

Matthew was tempted to tell Nick what he could do with his idea of fun when everything around him went black

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