Through the Looking Glass

“Strange,” he thought, examining it further.  Then again he could not even remember having the bottle.  He frowned, he was sure that he had never seen the bottle before.  He thought for a moment and then put the bottle back.

“Very strange,” he thought again and then walked out of the bathroom.  He figured that the cut would not kill him. He had places to be and was losing valuable daylight.   

 The hot afternoon sun beat down on Matthew as he walked the beach.  The sounds of the surf and the birds were relaxing. He scanned the horizon and saw nothing but the Gulf of Mexico.  Seeing the occasional pleasure boat bouncing along the waves, but noticing that it was empty on the horizon, he thought,   “How peaceful. “ 

“This is the life,” he convinced himself.  No worries. He walked further along the beach.  He smiled as he saw two teenage girls running down the beach trying to get a kite airborne.  A sudden gust of wind sent the bright green kite soaring up. Matthew stared at the green diamond kite as it fluttered in the sky.  The material shined a bright, fluorescent green in the morning sunlight.

Matthew and Dawson were looking at Frank as he smiled at them.  His face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. He said almost above a whisper, “I found it!”

 Dawson said, “Found what?”

Frank to a step toward the craft and said, “This.”

He raised a hand to the silver hull and extending out all his fingers, pressed his palm against the craft.

The three stared in amazement as three bright shapes appeared on the side; a red circle, a blue triangle and a green diamond.  The green diamond was flashing.

Without hesitation, Frank reached up to press the green diamond. Matthew held his breath…

“Watch out dude!” a young man’s voice interrupted Matthew’s thoughts.  He looked over to see ATV bearing down on him at full throttle. He leaped out of the way, landing face-first in the sand.  The machine kept racing off, the driver uncaring about what had transpired.

 The young man that had warned him reached out his hand and helped Matthew back up.  Matthew shook off the sand, thanked the young man. He decided that maybe a nice jaunt to downtown would be more interesting.  Not to mention safer. First, he needed to head back to his hotel room.

Matthew sighed in relief as he stepped into the hotel lobby.  The blast of air conditioning on this hot Texas summer day felt as if he had stepped into heaven.  He was well on his way to the elevator when a hotel employee caught up with him.

“Mr. Andrews!”  He called out. Matthew stopped and turned around.  The middle aged hotel employee handed him a letter. “This came for you.”

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