Learn to Fly

9 December 2010
1600 Local Time

Madison, Texas
Bauer Farm


Gideon entered the house through the front door and immediately took in the scene.

 He saw Maitland taking notes and smiled. He remembered Maitland as a teen who was in more than his share of trouble. There were times that he was convinced that prison was in Maitland’s future.

 But after his senior summer of high school, he straightened out. He never said to anyone as far as Gideon knew what went on, even to his parents, but something changed Maitland.

He later enlisted and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan before coming home and becoming a deputy.

 Gideon was convinced by the way Maitland took his job seriously, that in about fifteen years, Maitland might have his job.

 Gideon then looked at Hutchins as she took picture after picture. He could tell she was nervous, but he had been nervous about his first death scene as well.

 It had been twenty-two years earlier, but he still remembered every detail.

He had to push for the approval to hire an extra deputy with the Commissioner’s Court, but he felt her talents with computers would come in handy in the coming years.

 He coughed to get the attention on Maitland.

 Maitland gave him a look, one that a person has when they are looking at you and also looking right through you.

 “Sheriff,” Maitland said

 “Ben, what have we got?” Gideon asked looking at the deceased. He knew her and it never ceased to bother him when he knew them. It made him mentally count the days to retirement.

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