Learn to Fly

Hutchins stepped back into the living room. She saw that the body had been removed, there were markers down where the gun and bullet had been.

Chief Deputy Henderson was standing with Gideon and Maitland talking when she entered and they looked at her.

“Well, what did you find out?” Sheriff Gideon asked.

She opened her notebook, “I found out from the cousin that she has a brother in Nacogdoches named Harold Bane. Ludvik gave me his number, I will give him a call from the station once I get back.”

She lauded for a minute, “Ludvik will also be calling her son, Gerald Bane..”

“She’s Elmer’s Mom?” Henderson interjected.

Hutchins looked confused, “Elmer?”

Henderson smiled, “Gerald. He and I went to high school together. We called him Elmer.”

Gideon’s eyes narrowed, “Like Fudd?”

Henderson nodded his head, “No. the glue. He was always annoying the teachers in high school. Either by trying to be the class clown, or just being a royal pain. 

Well, one day in our 8th Grade US History class, Mr. Southard, he said something totally off the wall about the US Civil War. Without missing a beat, Mr. Southard looked right at him and asked him if he had ate Elmer’s glue in kindergarten.”

Henderson chuckled, “After that, the name stuck..”

Gideon chortled, “Like Glue?”

Henderson laughed, “Well, yes.”


Gideon looked at Maitland, then the others. “Ben, it looks like we have everything here for the moment. You are running point on the case.”

He put on his stetson and walked out.

The family gets involved and the investigation gets underway in Chapter 3, Times Like These

Coming Soon!

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