Learn to Fly

Henderson walked over and looked at the journal, his eyes narrowed as he looked over at the opened page.

“It says here that she was remembering her father and his death.”

He looked up at Gideon, “Any ideas?”

Gideon shrugged, “I remember that he died about ten years ago. Not sure the reasons. Let me go ask Gunter.”

Henderson nodded while flipping through other pages.


Gideon stepped back into the ambulance. He looked at Gunter Bauer who was laying down on the stretcher, staring up at the ceiling. 

Gideon looked at him, “Gunter, I have a couple of questions.”

 A few minutes later Gideon returned. “Well, according to Mr. Bauer, her father shot himself in the neck.”

Henderson just nodded grimly. “ I want to see the results of an autopsy, but everything that I am seeing is in line with suicide.”

Maitland’s thoughts went to his wife and their unborn child. He had to shake his head at that. “I saw a lot of guys in the sandbox that couldn’t take it and did that. I cannot say that I can understand what is going through their minds.”

“I can only imagine what is going through the minds of those they left behind.”

His eyes trailed to the window and at the ambulance outside.

All the men stood there silently for a moment. 

Gideon broke the silence, “Let’s let the EMTs retrieve Karen so we can let the healing begin.”


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