Learn to Fly

Maitland heard the truck pull in and sighed.

It was about time he thought. He was ready to start working on the crime scene.

He looked over at Hutchins who was still busy taking pictures. He said to her motioning to the window, “Crime Scene Trailer is here.”

Hutchins stopped taking pictures and nodded.

“Great. Let’s get to work.”


Gideon waited a bit before asking Gunter again, “So you think your wife shot herself?”

After a minute Gunter simply nodded yes.

“And so you put the towel on her neck to stop the bleeding?”

After a minute he once again nodded yes.

‘Then you called 9-1-1?”

Another minute, then a nod.

“Do you have someone we can call or contact? You shouldn’t be alone right now.”

Gideon noticed more tears. Gunter’s lips quivered for a minute or two before he answered softly, “Jim Ludvik on the other side of Madisonfield. He is Karen’s cousin.”

Gideon smiled softly at Bauer. “Okay, We will contact him.”

Bauer looked a little relieved, Gideon pursed his lips slightly, “Now can you tell me a little about what happened?”

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