Learn to Fly

“Gunter?” Gideon called to him. Gunter blinked.

The EMS worker looked at Gunter and Gideon from the jump seat in the back. “Mr. Bauer here has not been too talkative. He has just sorta been mumbling something under his breath every couple of minutes.”

Gideon stepped up into the back of the ambulance and with a bound, sat next to Gunter and put his arm around him.

“Gunter,” Gideon said firmly and gently at the same time. “It’s Mitch Gideon. Are you okay?”

Bauer sat there, staring off at nothing in particular. His chest heaving slowly with each breath.

“I think my wife shot herself.” he finally said without emotion.

Gideon was confused, but he decided to probe some, “You think? Or did she?”

After a couple of minutes, Gunter’s emotionless voice repeated, “I think my wife shot herself.”

Gideon sighed, “So what happened?”


After about three minutes of watching Gunter’s jaw twitch as if he wanted to say something, all the Gunter could do is turn his head to Gideon, tears streaking down his face.

“I think my wife shot herself,” Gunter said once more time, this time full of despair and pain.

Gideon could do nothing except hug his old friend.

“It will be okay Gunter. It will be okay.”

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