This one was no exception. She was in her easy chair, he noticed it was blue. He saw that there was a tan cloth on her neck.

Maitland saw that she was still bleeding and that the cloth was on the wound. He wondered if Mr. Bauer had tried to stop the bleeding. 

The wound was huge, no one would have survived it. But, is a person seeing their loved one injured capable of any thought but trying to save them?

Her hands were slumped in her lap.

He had his suspicions about this but wanted everything to be done by the book.

Maitland turned to head back to his car.

“Dispatch, Unit 3-9. Over.” He called into his radio.

A few seconds of static was followed by a female voice, “Unit 3-9, Dispatch. Over.?”

“Dispatch, this doesn’t look good. Can you contact the Chief Deputy and send the Crime Scene Trailer?”

There were a few minutes of silence, “Roger Unit 3-9. We have a call placed into Strassen.”

“Roger that. Unit 3-9 out.”

Maitland turned to head back into the house but saw Judge Perkins exiting the house.

“Judge Perkins,” Maitland began, “Nice to see you this afternoon.”

The elderly man looked at Maitland and cocked his head to the side. “Well, I was off visiting family in the neighborhood. My Daughter and that no good husband of hers lives about three miles down the road. So I was spoiling my grandkids.”

Perkins offered his hand, “And you are Deputy?..”

Maitland extended his hand to the Judge. “Deputy Maitland.’

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