Miles blinked and found himself in front of his keyboard

He put on his glasses and stared at the words that he had typed for a second.  He took a sip of coffee and put his fingers on the keyboard.

“Well, here goes.”

Matthew groaned in pain as he slowly came to.  His leg was in excruciating pain and he felt himself being held down.  He thought out of his partly closed eyes he could see hands and arms holding him down as another shape sat on him, trying to gouge holes in him.  He turned his head to the left to see Nick and Jake in the same predicament. He moaned, partly in pain, partly in despair. 

“This is not how I thought it would end,” he thought.

He tried to struggle to free himself but felt weakened.  An arm then went around his neck to hold his head in place. Another hand clamped tightly over his mouth to muffle his cries.

“You are the hunter,” a voice in the back of his mind called.

Matthew’s mind had trouble concentrating for a moment, but the voice repeated itself.

“You are the hunter, the chosen of Miles, err, God, to hunt down and destroy the scourge that has been released on this Earth.”

Matthew was not sure if he was hallucinating or if he really heard a voice, but either way, it gave him the courage to act.  He bit down on the hand that was over his mouth.

A piercing shriek echoed in his ear and the hand that was holding his mouth and his neck released.  Matthew kept his eyes in a squint and could see the shape above him.

He brought his left leg up and brought his knee into the midsection of the creature and was free.


He tried the stand-up, but the pain in his right leg would not allow it.  He felt himself growing weak and faint, so he crawled on his hands and knees to the door.  He kept his eyes in a squint so he could avoid other Shadow People as the struck. 

He reached the door right as something grabbed on to his legs to pull him back.  With one last effort, he grabbed the door and slammed it shut.

The room grew quiet.

The Shadow People were no longer in the room.  Matthew rolled over to see Nick and Jake slowly pull themselves up.

Jake dusted himself off.  “What the hell happened?!”

Nick had no answer, but then saw Matthew and rushed over to him.

Matthew smiled weakly to him, “I think I found my life.”

The room went black.

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