“Could it be plausible that everything you are, everything you know and think to be real is nothing more than words on a page. Written for the amusement of a reader in some other world?” 

“For all you know, you only exist on the pages of some book,” Hades went on to explain, “Then again, nothing could exist outside this book and all this, you and even me is nothing more than the overactive imagination of a daydreaming child.”

Miles looked at him thinking, “this is all way too deep for me right now.”

Miles looked over at Hades, “What does this have to do with me and the guys stuck back there.”

“Well, maybe they are your champions.” Hades said, “Zeus had Odysseus, The God of Abraham had Moses, and so on.  Me, I think the closest I come is Dante. The point is, every writer needs a hero. These are yours.”

Miles just shrugged, “So what do I do about my guys?  For instance, Matthew shouldn’t be able to die according to my book, but there he is missing a foot and bleeding to death. He is teamed up with a vampire and collection agent that are being torn apart.”

“It is your call.”  Hades said, “What happens next is up to you.  You can change the rules to suit you.”

“So the question you need to ask me and yourself is,” Hades finished with a wink, “What are YOU going to do about what happened back there?”

Miles sat thoughtfully for a second, “Okay, just one more question.”


“Earlier,” Miles asked, “You told me the secret was 2513…”

“Means nothing.”


“I could have said purple unicorns and gotten the same result.”

Miles stared at Hades.

Hades explained, “your mind desperately wanted a solution to the riddle of 2513.”

“So much that you constructed an elaborate story to explain the number.”

Miles nodded, “It worked.”

Hades smiled, “Your welcome.”

He stood and looked around one more time at Back 2 Good, “It has a nice atmosphere.  I will have to visit more often.”

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