Miles scrunched his eyes, “One had cosmic powers, the other sits in front of a computer or with pen and paper and scribbles stuff down.”

“How do you suppose holy books are written?”  Hades replied.

“Let me put it another way, who created the worlds and the characters in your book?”

“Well, I did.”

“Who gave them life, created personalities and set them on their missions? “


“Do you know anyone that is a vampire in your world?  Or a spiritual collections agent?”


“How often do you share a drink with a God of the Underworld?”

“Counting this time. Once.”

Hades looked at him.  “There you have it.”

“Have what?  I am confused here.”

Hades sighed, “You have to spell it out to mortals.”



He took a deep breath, “here, in the pages of this book. You are God.  Everything that happens from cover to cover is your creation.”

Hades waved his hand around the room, “This bar, your thoughts made it real. Nick, Matthew, and Jake, once again you.  You can rewrite the laws of nature, the laws of physics and the very fabric of the universe, and here it makes perfect sense.”

Hades leaned forward, “So, I ask you again, what is the difference between a God and a writer.”

Miles just looked at him, “In those terms, nothing.”

“In any terms.”  Hades answered, “How do you know that the Gods or lore and from every religion are not just writers in their own worlds that wrote about Earth as a means of escape?”

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