Gods and Writers

So you plan on turning him into orbital debris?” an older voice asked Kohl.  Startled, he swung around in his desk chair to see an older man with pepper gray hair and a goatee.


“In person,” Hades answered, “boy, remind me never to get on your bad side.  This young fellow seemed to really make you mad back in the bar.”

Kohl snorted, “It’s not that.”

Hades nodded his head in disagreement, ‘No, it is EXACTLY that.  If you asked me, the little jerk had it coming. Who does he think he is?”

That took him by surprise, “Really?”

“Of course,” Hades replied, “In a way, writers and god are a lot alike.  I know if that little shit had said half of what he said to you to me, well. let’s just say my realm has some crevices where you can scream all you want.”

“Gods and writers?”

“Of course,” Hades smiled, “think of it boy; we both control the fate of those in our realms.  We create them to make sense of our worlds. And we control their every action.”

“Never thought of it that way.”

“Many don’t.” he shrugged, ‘for all you know, the gods you hold in reverence and fear could be nothing more than the writers of NBC trying to come up with the next best Sitcom since Friends.  Hell, Jennifer Aniston might be in the next scene with us.”

The thought that Hades knew what a sitcom was, let alone Friends, made Kohl smile.  Hades smiled back, then grew serious, “However, with power like that comes much responsibility.”

Hades disappeared, but his voice rang out, “tread carefully.”

Matthew opened his eyes to find himself back in the driver’s seat of his car.  Next to him was a somewhat perturbed, yet startled Nick.

“Didn’t work?”


“So what happened?”

“One second my ship is falling apart, the next second I am back here.”

Nick glanced at him, “So how did you get back?”

“I have no clue, I was being sucked out into space and now…”

That earned a huff from Nick.  ‘Okay, so what happened in your new life?”

“It wasn’t what I wanted.” Matthew explained ruefully, “I had no idea what I was doing. I was a fish out of water.”

Matthew looked thoughtful for a moment, “Maybe if I had knowledge of the life that I was entering.”

Nick nodded, deep in thought.  “Then we will try again, just this time we will make sure that the life you go into, you go in prepared.”

Matthew looked over at him, “I suppose…”

“It will work this time,” Nick said, “ready to try it again…”

Matthew looked over at him, ‘Again?”

Nick smiled, “once more into the abyss, Mark Andrews.”

With that, he touched Matthew on the forehead.  Matthew felt woozy as the world around him went dark.

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