Gods and Writers

The next day had Miles Kohl going through the motions of teaching.  All-day his mind was on his story and how to handle Matthew, but for most of the day, it escaped him.  Finally, it was when he was dealing with one of his students that he stumbled upon the answer.

“Jesse!” he bellowed out at a dark-haired girl.  “you need to pay attention.”

The girl looked up from the laptop she was writing in and stared annoyingly at Miles.

“But History is boring Mr. Kohl.”

Kohl stared at her, “and what are you working on?”

Aware of the stares and giggles of her classmates, she started to close the laptop. “A story she mumbled.”

“What kind?” Kohl asked his interest suddenly piqued.

“About a girl that gets her wishes fulfilled and she is whisked from her boring life.”

“That’s good,” Kohl answered his mind suddenly racing, “keep up the good work.”

Kohl’s heart was racing as he sat down in front of the computer.  He was excited as he booted up his computer. He found himself impatient as Windows opened and he raced to open the file he was working on.  Finally, it opened and he wasted no time in starting to type.

Nick Stewart smiled wryly.  “Well, our problem is finding a way to restore the storyline for the people around you and at the same time, remove you from the picture all the while not letting the big cheese in the afterlife business in on the fact that we screwed up.”

“No easy task,” Nick went on.  “Especially since we cannot kill you to do it.”

Matthew closed his eyes and groaned. “Here comes the kidnapping and torture,” he thought.

“So we are going to give you a new life.”

Matthew opened one eye and looked at Nick, “A new life?”

“Yep. Think of it as a soul relocation program.  We are going to allow you to move anywhere, in any time period and live out your days however you want.”

“Anywhere? Anytime?” Matthew looked suspicious. “How did you arrange that?”

“Well, Fate had a hand in that,” Nick said with a bit of a grin. “You see, they should have told Hades what was going on when the storyline flubbed around you.  You got lost in the shuffle; they are willing to help make this go away.”

Matthew still looked uncertain.  Nick continued his sales pitch, “Just pick a situation you want to put yourself in and we will whisk you away.  Just let your mind wander.”

Matthew closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

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