Dreamscapes and Cupcakes

My head is pounding, Miles Kohl thought as he took another gulp of coffee from his oversized mug.

Another day closer to the end of the year

Turning in his chair, Kohl took one more look at the mess that was his classroom.  He snorted and shook his head at the sight of haphazard desks that had once been neat rows.  He then noticed the papers tossed everywhere on the floor and the books that even though had a place on the student’s desks, always seemed to find their way to the floor.  Typical, being the last class of the day, the students had raced for the door as if their lives depended on it.

Hell, if I didn’t have to finish these papers, I would have been at the front of the line.

He shook his head and then turned back to this computer.  He looked at the minimized tabs at the bottom of the screen. 

Grade book.

Google Chrome.

Word. He clicked on the word icon.  The word program opened up to a single page. He glanced in frustration at the words in italics at the top.

Harry Potter Can Fly.

He knew that there was a story in those four words.  He had seen them on a drawing four weeks ago and had a moment of inspiration.  He had opened the page and written down the title. Since then he had looked at the page every day, a story on his mind ready to go, but still had only managed to change the font a couple of times and change it from regular to italics and underline it.

Four weeks?  It can’t have been that-

“It sure was.” A voice broke him out of his thoughts.  He looked up, confused; he was now sitting at a table in a dark restaurant.

He immediately started looking around.  He saw tables around him; it was sparsely packed with just a few other patrons in there.  

He looked at the two gentlemen sitting at his table.  One with piercing silver-blue eyes and sandy blonde hair dressed in a business suit; and the other with greenish-brown eyes that hand streaks of gold and dark brown hair. 

Kohl noticed that the second one had the outfit of a Catholic priest on. They looked familiar. Too familiar and suddenly it dawned on him. He let out a throaty laugh.

“Really?” he managed to get out between chuckles. “I am being overworked, have finally gone nuts because of my students, or this is the most epic practical joke of all time.”

The one with the silver eyes managed a thin smile, “No joke Mr. Kohl.”

Miles Kohl shook his head in disbelief. “You are trying to convince me that you are one of the characters from a short story I wrote over five years ago.”

“Nick Stewart,” the silver-eyed one said with a slight nod, “at your service.”

Kohl turned to the dark-haired one who had been quiet till now, “And that makes you Jake…”

“Mackenzie” he finished.

Kohl let out a throaty laugh, “Stewart and Mackenzie.  A grim reaper, excuse me, spiritual collections agent and a vampire.”

The two men looked at him with a combination of amusement and impatience as he continued to laugh. Kohl calmed down finally and shook his head.  “No, way I say. I must be going nuts.”

Stewart shrugged his shoulders and with a wry smile said, “It doesn’t matter whether you are nuts or not. We are still here.”

For a minute Miles Kohl just took in the situation.  

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