Count Matthew

“Well,” Jake said, “I guess that is not going to be the way that we get Molly.”

“Speaking of that,” Nick said, “Look who just came in.”

The trio looked over at the door to see a woman with light brown hair enter the room.  About medium in height and build, she walked quickly to an empty table. She noticed the three of them looking at her, smiled briefly and then as quickly ignored them in favor of her cell phone.  

She talked on the cell phone while making telling the waitress what she wanted.  She kept going back and forth in the conversation and the order, changing the order or repeating herself.  

“I am going to enjoy this collection.” Nick intoned, “no manners.”

Jake stood up and motioned for the others to follow, “I have an idea. Let’s go.”

Nick grabbed the last bite of cheesecake and tossed a couple of twenties on the table as they left.

Outside Nick looked at his watch.  ‘We have seven minutes to collect her soul.”

Jake nodded and pointed at the cars in the parking lot.  ‘Which car is hers you suppose?”

Matthew looked around settling on the bright white Fiat in the corner.  “That one.”

Jake looked at it, “why?”

Matthew pointed at the plate, DIVAGRL

Nick smiled and nodded, “probably.”

Jake looked at Nick pull your car back so it looks like you backed into her car.  I’ll go back in and get her. It is dark enough now that we can use the cover of darkness for Matthew here to get this done.”

Nick raced for the car and Matthew stood beside her car as Nick backed up.  Once the car was in place, Jake smiled and went inside. A minute later the woman burst through the door hurling obscenities as she stormed to the cars.  

“I can’t believe how fucking reckless you guys were to hit my car!   I mean of all the stupidity!” 

 She walked around Nick’s Ford and reached her car.  She glanced at his car and then her car. She looked back at her car and noticed that there was no dent or scratch on her car.

“What the –“ she began before she stopped talking and dropped her phone.  A smile of euphoria was plastered over her face. She started to fall over only to be caught by Jake as he looked up at Matthew.

“Hurry up,” Jake barked out, “it is almost time.”

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