Count Matthew

“A salad?” Nick asked, “when did you start eating rabbit food?”

“Hey,” Jake shot back, “I noticed that I was putting on a few pounds and felt I needed to stay fit.”  He looked at Nick as the waitress returned with their orders, Nick had a broad grin as he grabbed a fork and took a bite of the cheesecake.  The delight on his face was evident. Jake asked, “What is it with you and Key Lime?”

Nick looked at Jake with a grin, “this stuff is fuckin awesome.  Too bad Reggie refuses to carry the stuff. This cheesecake is really just amazing. You want a bite?”

Matthew just followed the exchange in wonder.  He watched as Jake took a bite of his salad.  

He said through his covered mouth,  “You mean vampires eat?”


Jake nodded as he took another bite, “Of course we do,  there are a few of us that are real foodies too.”

Matthew looked confused, “But what about the fangs and the ‘I vant to suck your blood..?’”  He felt his teeth and noticed that the fangs had retracted to regular teeth. He looked over confused, again.

Jake merely shrugged, “vampires, don’t obtain their nutrients from our ‘feast,’ as it’s called.  Well, we do get some. Mostly it is the human hormones that we are after.”

“Have you ever seen a diabetic when they have low blood sugars?”

Matthew nodded.


“Well, that obsession with finding sugar or sweets is the same feeling for vampires.  Being undead, our body doesn’t produce the vital hormones that our bodies need to stay animated.  So we have to hunt to get them and stay alive.”

Matthew asked, “Why not just use artificial hormones?”

“Not the same.”  Jake answered, “they are relatively new to the market.  And not as effective. Most only last a few hours. Hormones obtained from humans can last days, sometimes a week or two. “

Matthew nodded, “So how much time do we have.”

Nick looked at his watch, “About 20 minutes till we have to collect her soul.  So I am assuming that she will arrive soon.”

“Then we have a couple of minutes to go over a few things.” Jake began, “we will start with the glamor.” 

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