Count Matthew

Matthew looked across the table at Nick and Jake. “So how does this work?”

Jake started to say something, then stopped. He looked puzzled, then looked at Nick.  Nick gave a half-smile back. Jake huffed and then looked back at Matthew.

“Normally,” Jake started, “to become a vampire, we would drain your life essence away to where all that was left is your soul in a what basically is an animated corpse.”

Nick continued, “However, because of your circumstances, we can’t do that.  So this is what we are going to try. Just zap you into the role of a vampire.  Jake here will act as a guide to help you become acclimated to that life.”

Jake nodded grimly and Nick continued, “I am thinking that once you have ‘fed’ the first time that you will have crossed over into the vampire world and all will be right with the universe and we all go along our merry way.”


Matthew smiled and nodded, “Sounds simple. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

Nick scowled then smiled, “it will be fine. Everything will work out.”

Jake frowned, “we hope.”

Nick just nodded his head in frustration.  “So, the first thing I am going to do is check the boards for souls that we need to collect in the area.  That will give us an idea of potential targets. After all, no sense in upsetting the fates any more than we have to.”

Nick grabbed his pad and started scrolling through a list.  He would nod his head in frustration every few seconds. Muttering, “Not this one; no, not that one.”  

After a couple of minutes, he tossed the pad on the table.  He grabbed his coffee cup and took a long drink of it. And took an angry look at the pad.  

Jake grabbed the pad and skimmed down the list, “What are you looking for?”

“I am trying to find one, in which there are no other victims involved or no other people.  See, a large portion of the list involves a second or third person. Car Accidents, robberies and such.”

Jake stopped at a name and handed the pad back to Nick, “How about this one.”

Nick took the Pad and looked at the name.


“Interesting, Molly Sterns,  7:45 PM. 1550 37th St. No other persons involved. According to her picture and bio, middle-aged.  Perfect.”

He handed the Pad over to Matthew who took and glanced at the information.  He nodded, then noticed another tab marked ‘Secret’ open on Nick’s laptop. 

 He tapped it open and began to read.

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