Count Matthew

Matthew grew pale at Reggie’s glance. Reggie winked and blew him a kiss with a smile. He then turned to Jake and Nick, “So what brings death and death warmed over together?”

Jake just shook his head. He had come to accept Reggie for who he was, but there were times that he was driven to dig deep into his priestly bag of tricks for patience.  He motioned over to Nick.

“Well here is the problem,” Nick began outlining the problem,  with Reggie nodding in understanding every few moments but not saying anything.  Finally, Nick finished and Reggie sat back in his chair, not saying a word for a minute or two.

“So,” he finally said, “beefcakes here should have already assumed room temp, but a total screw up on the afterlife’s part has left him roaming the earth not quite all living, but not quite dead?  Am I close on that one?”

Nick merely nodded.


Reggie then smiled, “then the solution is simple. We make him undead.”

Jake scowled, “A vampire?”

Reggie nodded, “Exactly.” He looked over at Matthew with a sly grin, “And if you go upstairs, I can make it happen…”

Jake did not look that amused, “Reggie. That is not the way this will happen. Right, Nick?”

Nick nodded, “As long as Matthew is given free will to pick his future, I can send him almost anywhere. Until he has chosen a path, he cannot be killed in the traditional sense. He has to choose to live the life of a vampire.”


Reggie smiled, “Ah well,” he gave Matthew a said look, “maybe next time.”

Jake still did not look too happy, “And just how do we explain this to the Patriarch?”

“Not my job,” Reggie shrugged. He stood up, “Oh, Mac?”

Jake looked over to him, “Hmm?”

“Rebekah was in here earlier looking for you. Said to call her later.”

Jake nodded, then turned his attention to Matthew and Nick.

“Let’s get this over with.”

“That’s your big plan on how to solve the problem?” a voice said to Miles.  He looked over to see Hades sitting on his couch drinking some concoction out of a smoking glass. “turn him into a vampire?”

Miles shrugged his shoulders, “makes sense so far.”

“Come on. The last thing that this world needs is another whiny Anne Rice vampire or something that is sparkly. And to be honest, unless Matthew is going to be a rip your throat out killer vampire, and even then, the genre is a little overdone.”

Hades smiled, “But, I do like the PR my spiritual collection agents are getting.  They do so need it. I must admit, the robes and the reapers made perfect sense in the Middle Ages, but today they are so dated.  I thought recently about making them customer service reps, so when you were on hold, you wouldn’t notice your soul and life being sucked out…”

Hades noticed the impatient look that Miles had and changed the subject, ”Miles, my boy, you are above the cliché genre that everyone else is doing.  So find a better way to end the book.”

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