Count Matthew

The club was in a nondescript old downtown building.  Close to a college and city buildings, it had a busy lunch rush.  However, once that was over, it was quiet.  

That is when the real clients began to arrive.  Back 2 Good was a club that the dead just lived for.

Nick and Matthew were sitting at a table off in the corner.  The darkened room and the soft music playing in the background gave the club a cozy atmosphere.  Nick took a sip of his coffee and returned to whatever he was doing on his laptop as Matthew looked on with amusement.

Nick put down his coffee and looked over at Matthew, he asked “What?”

Matthew cocked his head to the side with a smirk, “Nothing. Just you figure that a ‘spiritual collection specialist’ would write on parchment paper with a quill pen or something.?

“We try and stay up with the times.”

“I can bet.  What are you writing?”

Nick slammed the laptop shut, “Nothing.”

Matthew cocked his eyebrow. “Super-secret stuff?”

“Something like that.”

They were then interrupted by a dark brown-haired man with a fair complexion and gray eyes.  “What brings you here Nick? Shouldn’t you be out collecting things?”

Nick smiled and stood up to shake the man’s hand.  “Jake. You got my message.”

The two sat down and Nick looked over to Matt.  “Matt this is Jake. Jake this is my current problem.”

The two men studied each other for a moment.  Matthew could not help but notice the man was dressed as a priest.  Matthew gulped, wondering if an exorcism was Nick’s next big idea.

“Where’s the old priest?”

Nick looked confused for a moment, Jake just showed a scowl.

Jake remarked in a deadpanned expression, “I have only heard that one a few dozen times.  Today.”

Matthew shot Jake a huge grin, “I’m sorry, couldn’t help it.”


Jake looked at him and then motioned to a dark-haired man that was standing behind the bar.  He flashed the table a huge grin and hurriedly made his way over to the table.

“Well hello guys,” he said making his way over.  Matthew looked him over. The newer man was about 5’10”, had a medium build.  He was well-manicured and immaculately dressed.  

He was staring back at Matthew with a mix of curiosity and an almost hunter to his prey look. Matthew looked down at the table after a few seconds, breaking the gaze.

“Reggie, this is Matthew,” Nick spoke up. “He needs our help.”


Reggie’s smile grew into a lecherous grin, “I am sure I can help him.” He looked at the group and nodded to Jake and Nick, “I say he is a bit better looking than tall, dark, brooding and gruesome you usually hang out with.  How is Duffie anyway?”

Reggie slid into the empty seat next to Matthew and looked at him, “tell Uncle Reginald all about it…”

Jake sighed, “Not that kind of help. And Macduff is off doing something.  And you know he hates being called that.”


Reggie looked disappointed for a second then grew serious.  “Well, maybe later. Matthew, I am Reginald De Los Toros y Torres. The owner of this establishment.”

Reggie winked, “and believe me, I live up to my name. Grrrr.”

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