His midsection had expanded, Nick surmised, by one too many visits to places like this and not enough visits to the gym.

Still, Tim walked as if he were a god on earth. Nick slowly poured his coffee and waited.

Nick looked on with amusement as Tim went through the same quality service he did. Tim made his way over to the coffee pot. Nick looked at the tray he was carrying, four sausage biscuits and two hash browns, not to mention the pile of jelly and butter. Nick just shook his head in wonder.

Tim beamed at Nick, “Morning Nick.” He reached for the coffee pot, “I don’t usually see you here.”

Nick shrugged, “I’m meeting someone.”

Tim took a big gulp of his coffee and refilled it before turning to walk to sit down; Nick walked with him. In a far corner of the lobby, the two settled on opposite sides of a booth. Tim quickly unwrapped one of the biscuits and applied a large dose of jelly and butter to it.

He took a bite and made a satisfied groan.

“This is the breakfast of champions.” He said with a full mouth. He looked at Nick, “You should get one.”

Nick made a face, “Coffee’s good. You seem to be in a good mood.”

Tim swallowed and reached for the coffee. “it will be a superb day.”


“It’s the first day of my new life,” Tim said proudly. Nick smiled as Tim went on, “Divorce becomes final today. And today I make partner in the law firm.”

Nick nodded in approval. “Nice.”

Tim smiled bigger as he reached eagerly for another sausage biscuit. “And I have a date with that cute new secretary of mine. Dinner,” he gave a lecherous smile as he took a bite, “and possibly breakfast too.”

Nick could think of nothing to say as he watched Tim devour his meal and talk, he heard his cell phone chime. Looking down, he noted that it was time.

Tim looked over questioningly at Nick, “A call?”

Nick pushed a button and shook his head, “alarm.”

Tim took another bite of his biscuit, “Oh.”

Nick just shook his head, “I really wouldn’t if I were you.”

Tim shrugged and smiled, “need my energy.”

He took a huge bite and began to chew. He looked as Nick tapped his ring and for a moment he could swear it had started to glow a bright green color.

That thought was interrupted as he felt a sharp pain in his chest and his weys bulged.

He looked over to Nick, who just calmly looking back.

Tim felt his eyes water as the pain intensified and then was gone as quickly as it came. He reached for his coffee, but it had disappeared.

Surprised, he looked down and noticed that the tray was gone as well. He looked up and noticed that although Nick was still sitting across from him, they were in a booth on the other side of the lobby.

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