All the Lonely People

Once inside, Jake took a quick survey of the room. The room, bathed in dim blue light, was sparsely furnished. A large couch with an easy chair took up one side. The center had a sort of coffee table. 

They made our way to the couch, kissing and caressing each other. She then sat in his lap, her back to him, allowing his hands to cup her breasts through her dress. She moaned as she ground herself into him. 

Jake was being driven mad with my needs. he could feel her pulse just below her skin. Mackenzie Could feel the warmth of her body and taste her skin. His hands were all over her body, touching, molding themselves to her. he could easily feel her growing arousal. 

He slowly pushed the zipper of her dress down. Then his hands and lips quickly moved to caress and kiss the newly exposed skin. She started rocking, her hands holding the back of my head trying desperately to pull his head closer. She moaned in pleasure, but that quickly became a moan of pain as his teeth sunk into her skin began to drink. 

Mackenzie felt her squirm in the agony and ecstasy of the moment, trying desperately to escape; attempts that were getting weaker and weaker as her life force slowly drained away, then finally ceased. 

Holding her close as she went limp in his arms, Mackenzie sobbed quietly in both satisfaction and despair. Looking up, he saw their reflections in the mirror; her lifeless body and his brownish-green eyes glowing brightly in the nearly dark room. 

In a quick grab of her neck and head, he quickly twisted until hearing the snap of certain death and saving her from the life he felt doomed to. 

Jake then mouthed a silent prayer for her and made the sign of a cross before he then exited the room and melted into the crowd. 

Quickly he made his way to the exit and rushed home. 

Jake laid there in bed drenched with sweat as he replayed the night’s events in his mind. Every smell and sound down to the last detail. 

It was then that it hit him in a terribly painful and swift blow; her memories. A curse he carried, as well as a blessing. The memories of his victims were always swept up in the blood. 

Within in a few maddening minutes, her life was replayed in his mind. The anguish, the love, and the lows as well as highs; all now were his now as well. The pain caused him to grip the bed sheets and thrash about the bed. Jake fell off the bed and hit the cold hardwood floor. 

As the pain went slowly from his body, he pulled himself slowly back onto the bed. Laying down and looking up at the ceiling, tears of anguish and pain fell from his eyes. 

Staring at the ceiling in anger, he cursed an invisible god that did not answer him. For the millionth time, he vowed vengeance on the creature that had made me what he was. 

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