All the Lonely People

She took a long puff on her cigarette and snuffed it out in an ash tray on the bar. The bartender gave me a stare of both awe and jealousy as we walked off. 

The music had a definite techno sound to it now. Finally, Mackenzie recognized the tune and wondered if John Lennon or Paul McCartney had meant their music to be butchered in such ways.

The floor was crowded. Mackenzie fought to control himself near all those warm bodies, with that delicious blood, pumping wildly just under the skin. 

All he had to do is reach out… 

Jake snapped himself back to attention as they started to dance, or at least, what Jake surmised was passing as dancing in this club in this day and age. No more was it softly swaying to the music, it was now what could be best called upright sex. 

Their bodies moved against each other in time to the music. As she turned her back to him he drew her near and his hands slowly made their way to her hips. She pushed her body against his, grinding into him. 

His lips were softly nibbling on her ear, then slowly down her neck to the spot where the neck meets the shoulder. Despite the noise of the club and her dancing, Jake could hear a soft moan escape her lips. 

 After a few minutes of that, she turned around, wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her young body against Mackenzie’s and kissed him hard and passionately. Mackenzie returned the kiss, their tongues dueling. Kristie smiled seductively and took him by the hand and led him off the dance floor. 

Every few feet she pulled him close and kissed him, their hands groping at each other’s bodies. Thinking that they would be leaving now, Mackenzie was surprised when she led him to a door far to the back of the club. 

They went down a dark passageway that had several openings where he could see smaller private rooms, catching the odd glimpse here or there and the people in those dimly lit rooms. What they were doing should remain in the realms of the observer’s perverse imagination. 

 Finally, they reached an empty room and turning she put her arms around him. Once more, they shared a passionate kiss as she ran her hands over Jake’s body. 

His hands moved to grab her backside and pull her even closer. He kissed his way to her ear gently biting the lobe and softly trailed a line of kisses down her neck as her head went back, eyes closing in ecstasy. Her lips quivered in lust and she trembled in anticipation. 

 She looked at him and with a seductive smile whispered into his ear, “I need you.” She grabbed him by the hand and tugged me playfully inside the room. 

“Close,” he thought, “so close.” 

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