A Simple Collection

Matthew sounds worried, “Are you sure there isn’t something else you could try?”

Jake chimed in, “Do you have to do anything? Who would know if nothing was done.”

“We can’t” Nick shot back.

Miles stood up, walked to the other table and plopped down in the last open seat.  

The three stared at him.

“I couldn’t help but overhear that you have a bit of a predicament.” He started.

Nick looked over at him, “I am sorry, but this is a private conversation.”

Jake stared at Miles, “Do I know you?”

Miles shook his head, “Not well. Let’s say that I know of you and just want to help.”

Matthew threw up his hands in exasperation, “Why not?  The more the merrier!”

Miles smiled.  Then said, “So you had a bit of trouble at the last shot at sorting this mess out.”

“Yes,” Nick asked as blandly as possible.

Jake still just stared at Miles, trying to figure out where they had seen each other before.  It was right there, he thought, but he just couldn’t place him.

“You could say that again,” Matthew intoned.

“Wrong address, right?”

“Yes,” Nick said, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Miles smiled and then stood up.

“Then it’s simple,” Miles said as he started to leave.

“Go to the right address.”

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