A Simple Collection

She gave him a frightened stare and ran at him.  Right before she reached him, he grabbed her arms and held her in a grip.  He cursed because he had forgotten to tap the ring again and was trying to figure out how to do it without letting her go.

He was stopped mid thought as his body was racked in pain as her left knee came up hard in his groin.  Dropping his hands to grab himself he slowly sank to his knees. Using it as a chance to break free, she ran screaming into the house.

Standing on his knees, he took several deep breaths before starting to slowly get up.  He tapped the ring until it glowed a bright red. “Enough is enough,” he said to himself as a sort of curse.

He stormed into the house.

He found her crouched over her inert body smacking the body’s cheek pleading for it to wake up.  All while Max continued to bark and wag his tail at the body.

“I am sorry Regina,” Matthew said through clenched teeth, “but you are going NOW.”

The woman stopped suddenly and looked at Matthew.  “Regina? My name is Stacy.”

Matthew looked at her still grimacing in pain.  “Wait, you are supposed to be Regina Dillard. This is 2153 Abes, right?

Stacy looked at him annoyed, “This is 2153 Abes alright.  BUT, Regina Dillard lives at 2513 Abes Drive. I get her mail all the time by mistake.”

Matthew just stood and silently cursed for a second.  He then looked at the woman that looked at him impatiently and with more than a little bit of anger.

Matthew gave her a sheepish grin and motioned to her body on the ground.  “I suppose I will just undo all this and be on my way, ma’am.”

His response was an angry stare and a stomp of the foot. Matthew tapped the ring.  Immediately Stacy’s eyes began to flutter open and Max, startled by being able to see Matthew and seeing that Stacy was moving again alternated his barks between a happy one for her and an annoyed bark for Matthew.

Matthew reached out his hand to help her up, which she refused getting up on her own.  Matthew once again gave her an awkward smile and sheepishly said, “Sorry for the misunderstanding… uh, Stacy. I’ll be going now.”

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