A Simple Collection

“I am eager to do something new, yes.” He responded.

Her eyes narrowed, “I thought that you had been doing this for years.  After all, that is what the agency had said.”

He went tense for a second, and hastily replied, “Every trip is a new experience.”

She smiled at that and nodded her head.  Getting up, she looked over to him. “I will get my jacket.” 

He followed her to the living room, followed closely by a barking Max at his heals.  Once they arrived in the living room, he tapped the ring and watched as it began its glow.  He noticed the room slow down for a second and then the world around them go gray.  

She stopped and turned around in shock.  “What is going on?” she demanded.

He looked at her sadly and smiled, “I am afraid that we are going on a different sort of trip.”

She looked at him in horror, “You aren’t one of those sexual monsters, are you? The ones that rape and murder defenseless women?”

He tried to smile, “No. I am sad to say that you have died and it is time for me to take your soul over to the other side.”

She looked at him in disbelief then looked over to see her crumpled body lying on the floor with Max barking madly at her.

She called out to him, “Max! Here I am!”  But Max acted as if he did not hear anything and kept barking.  She turned to Matthew angrily, “You put me back this instant!”

He shook his head, “I can’t do that.” 

With that, he reached out his hand out to hers, “Come, it is time to go.”

He saw her reach out to take his and next thing he knew he was flying backward and landed hard on his back.  Looking up he saw her glare at him, “I will do it again if you come near me!”

With that, she ran out of the room into the kitchen screaming for help.  Matthew groaned and pulled himself up and chased after her. “Just great!” he thought, “it was supposed to be a simple collection.”

He ran to the kitchen and looked to see that the door into another room was open.  He rolled his eyes and went through it. Stepping into it, he saw her trying to open the garage door.

“There is no use in trying to escape,” he said soothingly, “you are dead and now it is time to cross over.”

She spun around and looked at him menacingly.  She held up a large kitchen knife. “Don’t come any closer!”

“Really?” he asked in exasperation. “A knife? How will that stop the inevitable?”

She looked at him, and then the knife and with a desperate scream, she hurled it at him.  He easily dodged the knife and took a step towards her. “Look,” he tried to reason with her, “you are coming with me anyway.  Why fight it?”

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