A Simple Collection

“Oh,” the woman cut him off, “It is about time you got here. I have been expecting you all afternoon!  Come in, we have a lot to do before we can leave.”

Matthew looked confused for a moment but figured that if she was expecting to go somewhere, then why not use it to his advantage.

“I’m sorry,” he remarked as he followed her in, “I got hung up in traffic.”

“I totally understand.” She said politely, “traffic can be a pain.”

She led him into her kitchen and looked at him, “Coffee?”

He shook his head, “No, I think we should really be going.”

She gave him a scowl, “Hmmph, we have time for at least one cup of coffee.” She motioned towards a chair at the table and said, “Sit. Sit.”

He reluctantly sat and watched her as she moved around the kitchen. He looked at the décor of the kitchen, taking in the country theme and all the rooster prints on the wall and the curtains.  

He chuckled when he noticed that even the jars on the counter were shaped like roosters.  He was about to say something when he felt something brush against his leg. He stood up suddenly and looked down to see a Yorkie looking at him suspiciously.  

“Oh, that’s Max.”  the woman said, “he just wants your attention.”

He sat down and took a look at him.  The dog was wagging his small tail and pushing his head against Matthew’s hand.  He noticed that Max seemed to be blind in one eye.

He looked over to her as he was reaching down to pet him.

“He is up there in years, so he has a few vision problems.  But he still gets out there and barks at dogs two and three times his size.  Why just the other day he challenged a Rottweiler to a fight.” She chuckled, “if I hadn’t gone out there to get him, I am sure he would have tried to bite him.  Good luck with that, he is missing his canines.”

Matthew looked down at Max, “Missing?”

“Yes, the little fellow is over twelve years old.  But he still acts like he is in the prime of his life.”

Matthew looked back down at Max and thought, “Maybe I am here for Max.  I wonder if there IS a reaper for dogs? I’ll have to ask Nick.”

Suddenly Max backed away and started barking at him.  Matthew pulled his hand back and looked over at the woman.  She shrugged her shoulders, “Sometimes he wants all of a person’s attention.  He usually is very friendly.”

She placed a coffee mug in front of Matthew and sat down herself with one.  She took a sip and looked over to him. Matthew obligingly took a sip as well and then set the cup down.

“So are you excited about the trip?” she asked.

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