A Simple Collection

“Yes,” Nick explained, “It is not our call as to where they go. Heaven, Hell, The Elysian Fields, Valhalla, Nirvana, even Wal-Mart, it is not our call.  Someone higher up on the food chain figures that out.”

Nick stopped and thought for a moment, “Well, that is pretty much everything.  Unless you have any other questions, your assignment is loaded. We will be waiting for you here. “

“Thanks.”  Matthew turned to head to Nick’s car.  

He took one last look at Nick and Jake before getting in and starting the car.  He put it in gear and drove off.

Jake watched the car as it drove off.  “I give him two hours before he comes back in shame.”

Nick gave him an odd look, “Ye of little faith,” then added, “You are probably right though.”

Once Matthew came to his first stop sign he grabbed the tablet and called up his assignment.  He scrolled down till he found one.

“This will do nicely.” He said to himself.  He reached over on to the GPS and typed in the address.  He heard the beep of the GPS as it calculated the directions.

“2153 Abes Drive is 11 miles and 18 minutes away. Start by heading west on Front Avenue…”

Matthew smiled in satisfaction.  “A simple collection,” he thought.

Matthew slowed the car as it neared his destination.  He was unsure of how to approach the subject. He felt that just knocking on the door and announcing he was here for their soul would work.  He had to get into the house where he could work unobserved.  

He nodded, “Yes, out of the way and in an enclosed space is the best way to approach it.”

He stopped in front of the house and looked at the nondescript brick house.  Nothing really separated it from any other house in this neighborhood, one story.  Matthew noticed that it had a chimney and a large bay window in front.

He glanced at his pad and took stock of the name,

“Regina Dillard.  2153 Abes Drive.“ he read aloud.   “Sounds easy enough.” He got out of the car and walked up the driveway to the front door.  Passing garden gnomes and weird fairy statues, he wondered exactly what kind of person he was about to meet.

The front door was a dark mahogany color, bringing out the rich texture of the wood.  He looked down at the welcome mat and chuckled at the ‘wipe your paws’ printed on it. Apparently a dog lover.  “Hope she doesn’t have a dog,” he thought.

Finally, he reached out and rapped on the door.  Knocking three times and then waiting to see who answered.  He was about to knock again when he heard the lock click and the door started to open.

The door opened and there stood a woman that looked to be in her late 50s, with brown hair that was starting to go gray.  She looked to be around 5’2” or 5’3”, definitely a shorter woman that had put on a few pounds.  

Matthew immediately felt at ease, he had been afraid of trying to collect the soul of a person that might be able to resist; he figured this one would pose no problem and he would be on his way to a new life.

He smiled at the woman, saying, “Good afternoon ma’am…”

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