A Simple Collection

Matthew came to and looked around disoriented.  He looked around and took his bearings. He realized that he was sitting in the backseat of Nick’s car. 

“Well, that was a wash,” Nick said.   Jake snorted in agreement.

“So what happens if you can’t find another timeline for Matthew here?”

Nick sighed, ‘we then have to go to the powers that be.  I doubt they will be pleased with the events.”

Jake looked over, “and what happens to him?”

Nick looked back quickly, not noticing that Matthew was awake.  “If I had my guess, they will just snuff out his soul.”

Jake gave Nick a hard stare, “They can do that?”

“They are gods,” Nick answered, “They can do whatever they wish.  I know that they have done it only once in the last few thousand years.  

It wasn’t pretty.  And it caused chaos and discord for eons.”

“Snuffed?” Matthew repeated.

Jake looked back, “so awake are we?”

Matthew sat up, “Sorry about that back there.”

Nick looked at him through the rear view mirror, “Hey, if it’s not your future, it’s not your future. We will just figure out something else.”

Matthew looked at him with worry, “how long before you have to tell your superiors about me?”

Nick looked back at the traffic and would not make eye contact. “Let’s not worry about that.”

“Let’s get back to Reggie’s and plan our next attempt.”

The rest of the car ride was silent with all three lost in thought.

The relaxed atmosphere of Back To Good did little to improve the mood of the three as they sat around the table and contemplated their next move.  With every suggestion suggested, another would come up with a reason why it had already been tried.

After a couple of hours, Reggie came over to the table and sat down. 

“So I guess the vampire thing didn’t work out?” Reggie asked, “a pity. We could use some new blood.”

Matthew gave Reggie a weird look, “Well, it just wasn’t in the cards.”

Reggie asked, “So what’s next?”

The three were silent.  Nick eventually spoke up, ‘No clue.  And we are running out of options.”

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