Matthew leaned over his shoulder. “What?”

Nick moved his hand over her body and noticed the strange glow in his ring. The stone went from dark amber to bright green and back as he moved his hand.  “According to this, it is like pieces of her soul are still here, but the rest is missing.”

Jake looked confused and worried, “Missing?”

Nick stood up and looked at him, ‘Yeah, almost like something had ripped it out of her body forcibly.”

Jake looked down at the chunks missing from her body and remarked, “or ate it.”

Nick nodded at a loss for what to say in response.  He looked over at Matthew who was staring at what looked to be a closet door.  “He anyone recognize this symbol?”

Jake and Nick looked at the symbol that looked to be drawn in blood.  It was a darkened circle with rays coming from it. Underneath were the words: Umbra populous

 Jake said, “Shadow people.”

 Nick and Matthew looked at him.

 Jake replied, “That is what it means, shadow people in Latin.”

 Matthew looked at him, “You speak Latin? How old are you?”

 “I am a priest, we all speak Latin,” Jake replied with a sigh.

“Shadow people?” Matthew then asked.  Jake and Nick both shrugged their shoulders.

Matthew slowly reached out and grabbed the doorknob.  He noticed that while the room was stuffy and warm, the knob was ice cold.  He slowly turned it.

 Before anyone could react there was a loud wail, that echoed through the room.   The scream of a thousand anguished voices as dark shapes sped by the three. Matthew was hurled across the room and landed with a loud thud.

Nick and Jake began slashing out at the dark streaks as they flew past with little or no success.  Dodging hits from them as they flew around the room.

The closet had bathed the room in an eerie dark-blue glow.  

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