The three stood in the front driveway surveying the house before them.  2513 Abes Drive looked no different than any other house in this quiet rural neighborhood than any other house.  True, it did have its grass a bit higher than the other houses, but not to unkempt. The carport had a few stray odds and ends that could be organized better.  But nothings untoward stood out.

The house had peeling paint that the casual observer would only notice on close inspection.  The light gray color still evident. The dark red shutters looked faded and the house had an all-around lived in look. 

Every house as it ages has a lived look, but something was different to this one each of the men noticed.  There was a feeling of dread, a feeling of death that hung over the house. Slowly the three men approached the porch that led to the front door.  It was apparent the door had not been opened in some time.

Jake looked at the others confused. “You sure someone lives here?”

Matthew motioned to one of the windows, “I thought I saw movement.”

Nick looked at the others, “be right back.” With that, he tapped his ring and disappeared.

Jake looked annoyed for a second, “after a few hundred years, you would think I was used to that.”

Suddenly there was a click and the door creaked open after a moment.  Nick motioned from inside for them to follow him. Jake stepped inside, Matthew stood there confused. Nick looked at him sensing what he was thinking.  “Sometimes in my line of work we have to walk through closed doors or solid walls.”

Matthew contemplated that then walked inside.  He immediately noticed that the air in the room seemed stale.  A layer of dust covered the furniture in the living room. Matthew stepped into the kitchen to see that there was cold coffee in the coffee pot, and breakfast on the table that had long since gone moldy.  He stepped out of the kitchen before the smell got to him.

Jake called them from one of the back rooms.  Nick and Matthew stepped in to see him standing over a badly mangled female body.  Her skin had a greenish tint to it and her face was frozen in a mask of what looked like a very painful demise.  There were chunks of flesh missing on her arms and legs. Jake looked over at Nick, “looks like you guys were late on this one.”

Nick looked around the room and then at the body. 

“Something is wrong here.  The Fates are never wrong about the time of death.”

Jake nodded in the direction of Matthew.  Nick responded, “He is different, the Fates had his time right, we just failed to collect.  I tell you that she should have been collected an hour or so ago.”

Nick motioned to her body, “It looks like she has been dead for days if not weeks.  I have never seen a body with a green tint before.”

Nick shrugged, “Besides, if we had missed the time of collection, she would be alive right now. Just like Matthew here.”

Nick knelt down in front of her body.  He held his hand with his ring over her body.  “That’s odd.”


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